Sunday, November 9, 2008

Farewells and Hugs

Oh boy, so this weekend I was fortunate enough to get to go home for the weekend, to attend a friend's farewell! I love missions. I don't care what other people say, I think they are the greatest thing in the world, and they are good for the boys that do them.

So anyways this kid, I worked with him at scout camp, and now he is off to San Francsico...which is probably the scariest place for a missionary right now, especially since prop 8 passed... but Toby is such a cute boy and is going to be a fantastic missionary!!!

Haha, so since I work way early in the morning, I get up early even on the, for example, Friday night I went to sleep at eight and got up at two. That is six hours, the normal amount. I thought it was ridiculous, and so made myself get back to sleep. Honestly, being wide awake after only six hours of sleep, stupid job...jk, jk. I really do like my job. Its chill

So I pretty much love, love, love hugs. And Toby's family had a farewell party Saturday night, so there were all these camp people I haven't seen in forever, so of course, everyone gets a hug. Toby was so excited, I got about a billion hugs from him and I loved it. And his little brother, Adam, worked at camp last year, when I wasn't there. But he is an amazing hugger. So we are best friends now...haha. This was a great weekend. His farewell was amazing, more people and more delicious hugs. Do you see a theme going on here? And at my home ward, I of course got some more hugs. Yup, this weekend was officially a success. :D yaya!

So ya, lovely weekend. Hope this week is just as good. Here's to hoping...