Sunday, November 9, 2008

Farewells and Hugs

Oh boy, so this weekend I was fortunate enough to get to go home for the weekend, to attend a friend's farewell! I love missions. I don't care what other people say, I think they are the greatest thing in the world, and they are good for the boys that do them.

So anyways this kid, I worked with him at scout camp, and now he is off to San Francsico...which is probably the scariest place for a missionary right now, especially since prop 8 passed... but Toby is such a cute boy and is going to be a fantastic missionary!!!

Haha, so since I work way early in the morning, I get up early even on the, for example, Friday night I went to sleep at eight and got up at two. That is six hours, the normal amount. I thought it was ridiculous, and so made myself get back to sleep. Honestly, being wide awake after only six hours of sleep, stupid job...jk, jk. I really do like my job. Its chill

So I pretty much love, love, love hugs. And Toby's family had a farewell party Saturday night, so there were all these camp people I haven't seen in forever, so of course, everyone gets a hug. Toby was so excited, I got about a billion hugs from him and I loved it. And his little brother, Adam, worked at camp last year, when I wasn't there. But he is an amazing hugger. So we are best friends now...haha. This was a great weekend. His farewell was amazing, more people and more delicious hugs. Do you see a theme going on here? And at my home ward, I of course got some more hugs. Yup, this weekend was officially a success. :D yaya!

So ya, lovely weekend. Hope this week is just as good. Here's to hoping...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All Things in Moderation, I say.

So congratulations to me, I just completed a week-long Facebook fast. Wahoo! Ya, it was a challenge to my inability to self-discipline and an adventure in trying to connect with real life, I suppose. So without Facebook, I was able to read an entire novel, complete all of my homework ahead of time, do wonderful things on sunday, AND I started baking again. Its simply astonishing what extra time I found.

And on Sunday, my cousin had his farewell. There are four of us, on that side of the family that are remarkably close in age...and he being the oldest boy, is the first of them to go. So it was exciting to see him off, and to see all the rest of the family. I LOVE FAMILY. They love and tease, and just are such fabulous things.

I love getting hugs too, and that Sunday, I hit the jackpot, figuratively members all gave hugs, especially strong cousins who like to see how many ribs they can crack; home teachers, when you give them bread; random ward members because they feel slightly obligated too (haha, this one guy gave such an amazing hug, I actually asked for another one! It was that good.)

But ya, things this last weekend were good. Oh, one of my roommates lives in South Jordan, so pretty close, and we got to go there for the weekend and have a sleepover/picture party. Her cat studied my scriptures with me, and ATE my pen. So, i have a souvenir and about three hundred pictures, at least. It was fun. And I taught Sunday School, which, I think I should prepare more 'cause I had some panic moments and those are no fun. Hmmm, ya that is about it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

So This Sunday Wasn't So Bad...

Hello Folks,
Its October! and it almost snowed! Well, it snowed everywhere else in Utah except for Provo. I am kinda way excited for this whole cold thing. Mind you, this is just the first part of the cold, so I am still fond of it. In a couple months say December, I will be very tired of the cold, and then I will want to be warm again...

So I can't remember who I have told this, but Sunday's are like the hardest day for me. I always get way depressed and I usually cry. Which is sad. But this Sunday was totally awesome! First I taught in Sunday School, which I was wayy nervous to do, but I did it! and I think it was fairly successful!!! And then, I got to talk to a semi-crush. This is very good news, folks. This doesn't happen everyday. And I did Lydia's and Amanda's hair, and Lydia's make-up, I feel very professional. I love the way that they admire my hair-braiding skills. They are, apparently, a rare commodity. haha.

So ya, i think I am starting to get the hang of this whole blogging thing...maybe. We shall see.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This, the first day of the rest of the...semester

so ah... this happened to be the first day of the semester, i am officially a sophomore and a half, i guess. Here comes the typical conversation that is the only conversation you will have the first month of school..."Hi, My name is Soo and Soo, I'm from L-town, and I am majoring in underwater basketweaving..." and the other person reciprocates and that is the last you see of them, unless you actually become friends, then you somehow find other things to talk about...

So yesterday, my student ward for family home evening, we played human foozball. it was soo much fun! everyone held hands in lines and tried to kick a soccer ball around a muddy field, it was cold outside but despite all this, it was a blast... which bodes good things for this upcoming year... but what i have learned is this... you reap what you sew, input determines output, what goes around comes around... anyway that you say it, it is basically the same thing: if you want to have a good time you have to make yourself, put in the effort. Which can be hard, but i have noticed both in junior high, and especially high school, that when I got involved I ended up having the best time of those formative years.

Back to the subject of college...I only had two classes and they didn't start til one, but hey I learned my lesson (there seems to be a lot of that, learning nonsense, going around here) my very first semester, when i had an eight o'clock class EVERY day... you would think that coming from public high school starting at 7 it would be cake to have class an hour later... NOT SO... eight is extremely early in the morning, and haha! I just remembered... I work early morning custodial, so I get up at four thirty in the MORNING... so there, I feel justified in having my one o'clock classes...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Scrapbooking Memories!!!

So I found out today that I pretty much love scrapbooking! I know that Utah is like the scrapbooking capital of the world, but its way fun, and its like writing in my journal but with pictures!!! I love pictures. The only problem I have is that I am way out of order. Chronologically that is. But when one is waltzing down memory lane, is it ever in its proper timeline? The answer is no, everyone is random, thank goodness. Although in some cases, it might be difficult to follow! Haha, but that is where all the joy of conversation comes in and the age old inquiry of "Huh?" Which I know anyone who reads this is probably thinking just that... hahaha

Friday, May 16, 2008

And So It Begins....

So today I went to a wedding shower and it just hit me all of a sudden how fast everything seems to be moving. We talked about all those of whom we know who are getting married, and it seems like everybody is jumping on the bandwagon. And i just found out that one of my friends from elementary school is engaged and she didn't tell me!!! Ahh! How do we get so diseperate from each other? Marriage is such a huge deal, and its something that i am really looking forward to, but i know, that i am by no means mature enough for such an event, but how do these people my age, how did they grow up so fast? All these questions, they just hit me, and its confusing. Also, my friends are leaving for an extended period of time, i.e. missions and i am sad! Why? because that is just the way of the world, i guess...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Hello everyone, i.e. lydia, i am guessing that you arepretty much the only one who is going to read this. Happy mother's day to all! its exciting. and the weather was beautiful, well sort of. We played croquet. Its actually a lot more fun than one would expect. we should play sometime

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Beginning

hey guys this is my first blog, and surprise surprise, this is going to be terribly fun. we will see what happens once i get a hang of it.