Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bring It On

No this isn't a reference to the neverending cheerleading movie series. Each one gets trashier than the preceding ones. This post is dedicated to summer.
Wahla, it is here!

Todo List
I will be working...wooo.
I will be getting sunkissed. That is about the only kissing that will be happening too. Trust me, I've tried. ;)
Reading till I can't anymore. I have a list a mile long.
Baseball games. I WILL get to one before the season is over. This I promise myself. This is what summer is.
Weddings? Lots of other people's. This will be fun :D
Traveling: As far as I can get with the money I have.
Elder Byers comes home. "best friend" if I have to use the term. So excited to see that dang boy.
Eating real food. No more eating out or fake packaged food. Fresh fruits and vegetables, that kind of thing.
Gym again. It will be nice to get back into the habit.
New hair? We shall see.
Ooo ya. Turning 21 this summer!!!
We will start with this and work our way to great memories.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Captain Blood Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini

I watched the movie "Captain Blood" with Errol Flynn before I read the book. I like both. Sabatini is just classic heroic action and swashbuckling fun. Just a fun, fun read.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Roseus is the latin word for pink. I am dressed up in pink today. With a flowery spring dress and pink shirt and pink makeup. Then I look around me and I have a pink straightener and a pink phone and a pink notebook. I don't know when this whole color scheme got started. I have a lot of red. And pink is a devolution of red. I think it's because pink is cute. And I like to think that I am cute. So today as I go to my Scandinavian 430 final, I will at least be cute, if not completely prepared...

Monday, April 12, 2010


This weekend has been marvelous. Dancing, parties, movies and homework. It is almost done and that makes me drowsily relaxed. The rain helps too. I love the cold, rainy weather, with the mountains all foggy and mysterious.
Rain in the desert is always a miracle. I don't care how many times it rains in Utah, I am always surprised. And pleased. One of my most cherished memories happened one time in the rain. I used to go on walks around the neighborhood with a good, good friend of mine. We would just walk and talk. About anything and everything. That is one of the dearest things you could do, is honestly spend time with someone. It is the easiest, simplest way to get to my heart. It means you really care because out of all the million and one things you could be doing, you are spending time with me. It's true affection. Anyways, we were walking and talking as was our tradition when the heavens opened and poured down buckets of rain.
Like this. There was nothing left to do but run home, laughing. Which we did. Rain makes me think of that.

Besides the rain, this weekend, I went to the BYU Ballroom Dance Company Concert with a friend of mine. The concert was amazing. I love dancing. I love watching it, I love participating in it. Not just any kind of dancing, although that can be fun. I mean real dancing. Dancing is a blend of movement, music, art and emotion used to create whatever you want. Beautiful.

Someday I will dance without reservation or inhibition. Until then, I will dance when no one is looking and bide my time, waiting for the chance.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Me and Betsey could be Friends.

Can I just say I find these necklaces utterly delicious?!
They are a fantastic mixture of chaos and cute. Kinda like me. ;)
Betsey Johnson's designs have been described as "over the top," "feminine," "extravagant"...
To all of the above, I say "Heck yes."

Why wouldn't you want to wear them?

Yup, I am pretty sure we could be friends. Pink and black. Girly and hard-core, all at the same time! And she is still being herself, even when she is getting older. Adorable. I want to be like her, a little bit, when I grow up. Rock on, Betsey, rock on.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

roll with the wind bringing distance to everything.

He is just too beautiful. I had to share.
The weather outside is beeeeyoooooooouuuuuutiiiiiifuuuuulllllllll!!!

I wish I could fly away, that final papers, and final exams would be over and I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. I wish I could my housing figured out. I wish I could get my job situation figured out. I wish I could know for sure what I am doing with my life. I wish it was socially acceptable for girls to propose to boys that they love madly, deeply.


on to reality, to busy-ness, to friends and family, and to the future.

...whatever that may be...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kiera's "Sense of Snow"

Can I just illustrate to you what kind of weekend I have just been through?
It was great. But let's just say that I am very, very, very pleased that it is over.
Let's recap, shall we?

Friday: work, school, pack and then head up to Stephanie's grandparents' house for the night. We have dinner, laugh, and watch a strange movie (If interested, see here.).
But now, I understand Stephanie better.
It's funny how movies make your friends' habits and random sayings make so much more sense.

Saturday: wake up early (for a Saturday) and....go to General Conference! Like, in the Conference center, with THOUSANDS of other people. It was amazing. MoTab gave me the shivers. People were speaking foreign languages all around, a family of Germans sat in front of us! I love foreigners. I really do. I know that I don't understand what they are saying, but regardless, I love listening to it. When we were waiting in line to get to our seats, my roommate pointed to a guy behind us in line that was trying to get my attention. Guess who it was? It was one of the Norwegian language teachers at the MTC! We had a foreign language conversation. In Norwegian. Pretty awesome. Ya, foreign languages are even cooler when you can speak one. So after conference I got on the Frontrunner train and made my way up to Layton for Easter weekend. I got a new Easter dress! It's white and black and bright pink. (See here. Except mine is black and white and has a pink ribbon.) Mom used to make us pastel colored dresses every year, not anymore though. I don't mind the alternative. Visited the grandparents.

Sunday: Easter bunny gift baskets! I got an Easter alligator. Now I have two! Woo, bookends! My family knows me too well. Watched General Conference. Easter lunch at the other Grandparents. General Conference again. Started typing a 12 pg paper on the effect of Christianity on Viking women (due Monday) and then read 220 pgs of a book, also due Monday. (Look here.)* Go slightly crazy and slightly carsick from reading in the car with a bumpy reading lamp.

*Ok, so this post's title is a mutation of the title of the book. It's called "Smilla's Sense of Snow" and it is the first book in a LONG time, that I can remember not looking at the last chapter. And yet, I can't really recommend it to anyone. Sure it pulls you in, makes you think. But some parts, I'm like "Really? Did you really have to do that?" There are so many twists and turns, reading the last part is ridiculous, you wouldn't understand it anyways. In any case, the protagonist is half Inuit, half Danish and she has a way with snow. There was so much snow and ice in that book, I half expected the world to be covered in white. Oh was. As I was going to sleep last night, I was thinking about intuition, the possible shapes of universes and...can you tell it's the end of the semester? I have ceased to make sense anymore.

Monday: work, read the other 220 pgs left of the book (that is right. I read about450 pgs of a novel in a little less than 6 hrs, I was the only one to do so in my class.), school, come home and madly finish the 12pg Scandinavian monstrosity and tighten up a 7pg English Term Paper on Hawthorne. Both due by the closing of the JFSB. At 8:00 MST, I turned in both and almost broke an ankle with my giddy jumping around when no one was looking. I haven't stopped smiling. Stopped in on the ward FHE, afterwards went home and baked banana bread.

What's left?
10-15 pg paper in Korean history
(Next Monday)
Planning and executing Lydia's bridal shower.
(This Saturday, come. It's going to be the party of the century.)
[really excited about this :)]
(5 to be exact. Only one is guaranteed to be multiple choice. The rest=Essays. I don't think I have anything left to say...)
Helping my poor History 201 students study for their final.
Finding a house for fall/winter?
A date.
(This Saturday)
An interview! A teaching job on campus!
It is coming...don't let the snow fool you.