Monday, April 12, 2010


This weekend has been marvelous. Dancing, parties, movies and homework. It is almost done and that makes me drowsily relaxed. The rain helps too. I love the cold, rainy weather, with the mountains all foggy and mysterious.
Rain in the desert is always a miracle. I don't care how many times it rains in Utah, I am always surprised. And pleased. One of my most cherished memories happened one time in the rain. I used to go on walks around the neighborhood with a good, good friend of mine. We would just walk and talk. About anything and everything. That is one of the dearest things you could do, is honestly spend time with someone. It is the easiest, simplest way to get to my heart. It means you really care because out of all the million and one things you could be doing, you are spending time with me. It's true affection. Anyways, we were walking and talking as was our tradition when the heavens opened and poured down buckets of rain.
Like this. There was nothing left to do but run home, laughing. Which we did. Rain makes me think of that.

Besides the rain, this weekend, I went to the BYU Ballroom Dance Company Concert with a friend of mine. The concert was amazing. I love dancing. I love watching it, I love participating in it. Not just any kind of dancing, although that can be fun. I mean real dancing. Dancing is a blend of movement, music, art and emotion used to create whatever you want. Beautiful.

Someday I will dance without reservation or inhibition. Until then, I will dance when no one is looking and bide my time, waiting for the chance.

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