Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bring It On

No this isn't a reference to the neverending cheerleading movie series. Each one gets trashier than the preceding ones. This post is dedicated to summer.
Wahla, it is here!

Todo List
I will be working...wooo.
I will be getting sunkissed. That is about the only kissing that will be happening too. Trust me, I've tried. ;)
Reading till I can't anymore. I have a list a mile long.
Baseball games. I WILL get to one before the season is over. This I promise myself. This is what summer is.
Weddings? Lots of other people's. This will be fun :D
Traveling: As far as I can get with the money I have.
Elder Byers comes home. "best friend" if I have to use the term. So excited to see that dang boy.
Eating real food. No more eating out or fake packaged food. Fresh fruits and vegetables, that kind of thing.
Gym again. It will be nice to get back into the habit.
New hair? We shall see.
Ooo ya. Turning 21 this summer!!!
We will start with this and work our way to great memories.

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