Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Recent Things

First off:
I have watched A LOT of "Say Yes To The Dress" and "Jane and the Dragon". I know that these don't seem like they mix well together, but surprisingly, they do. Well, at least to me. I am an odd mix after-all.
Lest you begin to think that watching random episodes is all I do with my time, I'd like to point out a couple other things that I have been up to.
Geography Quizzes. Namely, identifying all 195 countries (spelling them CoRRecTly BTW) and doing it all under 15 min. Woot! I am proud to say I have done it and with 4:42 to spare. I recently bested my original time of 3:52 minutes to spare. Surprisingly, this game is addicting. I couldn't quit until I had won. So I won. Other quizzes I have beaten include naming all 44 presidents in 10 mins (piece of cake...huh, after a couple of times, uh...) and all 50 states in 10 mins, I think. The states one was easy, for reals, because it was a bigger map and hello-ooo! states should be the easiest thing to identify. Should be...not that they are. For some people, I guess...
Anyways: I get to volunteer at the MTC again! There are four new elders and boy, have I missed volunteering. True story. And there is a new guy that I volunteer with, named Mike. Wayy nice kid. RM like the rest of them. Blonde. He is so funny, yesterday he got all excited and asked me if I knew what next Monday is. I wasn't sure so I asked him to enlighten me. It's sutten av mai! The norwegian independence day the 17th of may. He is going to have a party and invited me. I was flattered and so excited.
Plans for the summer include: Moab with the fam in June. (hopefully we will get a good start on the summer tan...) Toquerville and Grand Canyon (maybe?!) in July... and Washington D.C. in August! Woot, woot! Along with the many adventures we are sure to have in the Provo-Orem area this year. Me and Shannon (my roommate) made an Adventure Time list. Things to do if we are bored and have a couple of hours. These activities range from eating establishments to hikes to interesting and unique stores and boutiques. I am excited. If I can remember, I'd like to be able to photograph these experiences and scrapbook 'em later. Hopefully! Anyways that is what is new and happen'en.
What is new with you lovelies?

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