Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All Things in Moderation, I say.

So congratulations to me, I just completed a week-long Facebook fast. Wahoo! Ya, it was a challenge to my inability to self-discipline and an adventure in trying to connect with real life, I suppose. So without Facebook, I was able to read an entire novel, complete all of my homework ahead of time, do wonderful things on sunday, AND I started baking again. Its simply astonishing what extra time I found.

And on Sunday, my cousin had his farewell. There are four of us, on that side of the family that are remarkably close in age...and he being the oldest boy, is the first of them to go. So it was exciting to see him off, and to see all the rest of the family. I LOVE FAMILY. They love and tease, and just are such fabulous things.

I love getting hugs too, and that Sunday, I hit the jackpot, figuratively speaking...family members all gave hugs, especially strong cousins who like to see how many ribs they can crack; home teachers, when you give them bread; random ward members because they feel slightly obligated too (haha, this one guy gave such an amazing hug, I actually asked for another one! It was that good.)

But ya, things this last weekend were good. Oh, one of my roommates lives in South Jordan, so pretty close, and we got to go there for the weekend and have a sleepover/picture party. Her cat studied my scriptures with me, and ATE my pen. So, i have a souvenir and about three hundred pictures, at least. It was fun. And I taught Sunday School, which, I think I should prepare more 'cause I had some panic moments and those are no fun. Hmmm, ya that is about it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

So This Sunday Wasn't So Bad...

Hello Folks,
Its October! and it almost snowed! Well, it snowed everywhere else in Utah except for Provo. I am kinda way excited for this whole cold thing. Mind you, this is just the first part of the cold, so I am still fond of it. In a couple months say December, I will be very tired of the cold, and then I will want to be warm again...

So I can't remember who I have told this, but Sunday's are like the hardest day for me. I always get way depressed and I usually cry. Which is sad. But this Sunday was totally awesome! First I taught in Sunday School, which I was wayy nervous to do, but I did it! and I think it was fairly successful!!! And then, I got to talk to a semi-crush. This is very good news, folks. This doesn't happen everyday. And I did Lydia's and Amanda's hair, and Lydia's make-up, I feel very professional. I love the way that they admire my hair-braiding skills. They are, apparently, a rare commodity. haha.

So ya, i think I am starting to get the hang of this whole blogging thing...maybe. We shall see.