Sunday, October 12, 2008

So This Sunday Wasn't So Bad...

Hello Folks,
Its October! and it almost snowed! Well, it snowed everywhere else in Utah except for Provo. I am kinda way excited for this whole cold thing. Mind you, this is just the first part of the cold, so I am still fond of it. In a couple months say December, I will be very tired of the cold, and then I will want to be warm again...

So I can't remember who I have told this, but Sunday's are like the hardest day for me. I always get way depressed and I usually cry. Which is sad. But this Sunday was totally awesome! First I taught in Sunday School, which I was wayy nervous to do, but I did it! and I think it was fairly successful!!! And then, I got to talk to a semi-crush. This is very good news, folks. This doesn't happen everyday. And I did Lydia's and Amanda's hair, and Lydia's make-up, I feel very professional. I love the way that they admire my hair-braiding skills. They are, apparently, a rare commodity. haha.

So ya, i think I am starting to get the hang of this whole blogging thing...maybe. We shall see.