Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This, the first day of the rest of the...semester

so ah... this happened to be the first day of the semester, i am officially a sophomore and a half, i guess. Here comes the typical conversation that is the only conversation you will have the first month of school..."Hi, My name is Soo and Soo, I'm from L-town, and I am majoring in underwater basketweaving..." and the other person reciprocates and that is the last you see of them, unless you actually become friends, then you somehow find other things to talk about...

So yesterday, my student ward for family home evening, we played human foozball. it was soo much fun! everyone held hands in lines and tried to kick a soccer ball around a muddy field, it was cold outside but despite all this, it was a blast... which bodes good things for this upcoming year... but what i have learned is this... you reap what you sew, input determines output, what goes around comes around... anyway that you say it, it is basically the same thing: if you want to have a good time you have to make yourself, put in the effort. Which can be hard, but i have noticed both in junior high, and especially high school, that when I got involved I ended up having the best time of those formative years.

Back to the subject of college...I only had two classes and they didn't start til one, but hey I learned my lesson (there seems to be a lot of that, learning nonsense, going around here) my very first semester, when i had an eight o'clock class EVERY day... you would think that coming from public high school starting at 7 it would be cake to have class an hour later... NOT SO... eight is extremely early in the morning, and haha! I just remembered... I work early morning custodial, so I get up at four thirty in the MORNING... so there, I feel justified in having my one o'clock classes...


  1. your new layout makes it a little hard to read dear. Check and see if you switched your regular one to Minima. Love the new entry. You just need to keep writing them and you will be a master!