Saturday, May 22, 2010


I have started something very big. For some inexplicable reason, (probably my pride...i have a hard time getting into something that everyone else seems to love.) I have made it twenty something odd years without reading OR watching The Lord of the Rings series. Apparently, the lack of this has caused some of my friends to question the validity of our friendship. (Karina) We decided to change this by watching all of the extended versions of the movies. We were going to do a marathon...but time and schedules make that hard to accomplish. BUT! We watched the first movie last night. The Fellowship of the Ring. I...I...I'm hooked. I was sucked in and emotionally drained by the end of the movie. Emotionally drained, I tell you. AND THIS IS JUST THE FIRST ONE! There are two more 3 hr long movies to go through. It is a very good thing that we didn't do the marathon. I don't think I could have handled that. Emotionally or mentally. I need time to process these things. And I have officially decided that once the movies are over I am going to have to read the series. My summer book list just got a lot longer....
p.s. I am going to have a hard time wearing any sort of ring again. For a long time. And I have a lot of rings.

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