Sunday, April 26, 2009

Winter Semester Idol

Haha, ok. Story Time!!! So this last semester, I found a beautiful crush. Ha! You should have seen it (or i guess him). I called him RB boy, because, A. I didn't know his name, and B. that is where I saw him practically every morning, in the Richards Building. He was beautiful, that is all I have to say. Tall, Dark and Handsome. So over the course of the semester, I saw him from time to time and once (!) I saw him in my stake conference!! So I had a clue...he was in my stake. (duh) And the last day of year we found another ward directory in the stake and guess what?! Yup, he was there in that stake. So I finally found his name: Darren ...and I found that he had a serious girlfriend. *sigh* Isn't it hard to have your dreams destroyed by reality? Haha, well, on to the next one. :D It was a good thing while it lasted.


  1. hahaha! Story of my life! Good to hear I'm not the only one :)

  2. Aw, that's too bad. Luckily for you there's plenty of attractive men out there, and you are the most adorable girl ever. So no worries! :)