Monday, July 27, 2009

Look At Me, the newest, coolest history T.A. BYU has ever seen!!!

I got the History T.A. job!
I was so excited I almost cried! Thank goodness I had someone nearby to remind me to calm down and breathe.
Fall is gonna Rock.
No joke.
Love to all the World, in big big armfuls!


  1. Oh my gosh, Kiera! I'm so excited for you! You'll be a fantastic TA! I wish that you were my TA for the History class I'm in right now... Congrats! Which class(es) will you be TA-ing?

  2. YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!! I am so super happy excited for you!!! Go Kiera, it's your birthday....or not. But close enough. I wish I could celebrate with you. Keep some of the excitement for when I get back and we'll party.

  3. karina! i will be t.a in for history 201! and any time you need me. :)

    lydia!!! i am super excited tooo!! :D