Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Before We Begin...

Who can guess which national landmark this is?! Anyone, anyone? GOOD! The Golden Gate Bridge! To get this picture, guess where in the USA, I had to be? YES! IN SAN FRANCISCO, BABY!
hmmm...yes. I took off on a fantastic roadtrip across the wastes of Nevada to the Bay Area the week before school started...
We saw "Wicked" the musical! "I am defying graaaavvvviiittyy!!!" We saw the Oakland Temple and the Jelly Belly Factory! (Wed)
Then we went jet skiing...I fell off and basically ripped my shoulder off... And then got back on and jetted off at 50 mph! Now, that is zoomin for me! (Thurs)
Then we went white-water rafting. Level 3 rapids, so nothing too bad...except the bottom of our boat completely deflated and almost fell apart. No worries though, we made it back alive. I saw the place where they first discovered gold in California!! (Fri)
Then we went ATV-ing. Learned a clutch, kinda. Stalled on every freakin hill I came to. Drove back in the dark. Still supa fun! (Sat)
Then we drove back Sunday. Completely trashed. As you can see...

*note: these are real people, not actors.

Then school the next day...gahh...who decided to come back?!

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