Thursday, January 20, 2011

Everything is Attractive

Do you ever get in those moods when suddenly, everything seems appealing all of a sudden?
It's the strangest thing walking around campus and suddenly, you realize that the world is filled with attractive men. This may be a by-product of being too long on the dating scene but you know, it could be just a friendly little reminder from the Universe that the world is full of beautiful things, including beautiful men.
... It's ok if you disagree with me here.
In other words, how about this weather, huh?
Seriously, I'm having a tough time keeping my eyes where I need to be walking because I can't stop watching the sky. The mountains get all misty and mysterious in the mornings on the way to school and then, on the way home at night the sky erupts into flamboyant and joyous sunsets.
LOVE IT. ( I tend to ignore the parts where it gets really, really cold.)
Other than that, I'm grateful for:
  • walking to campus with a hot-balloon accompanying me on a chilly morning. Totally made my day.
  • people who make classes fun. the funny ones that make you laugh out loud, even though everyone else in the room is quiet.
  • friends that no matter how much time has passed since the last time we've seen each other we can still chat for twenty minutes in the freezing cold. And it's still fun.
  • prayers that are answered in the least expected of places.
  • the fact that no matter how busy I feel like I am, somehow, everything gets done. MIRACLES are real, people.
  • finding a fellow Scandinavian aficionado in the upper echelons of BYU administration and chatting for an hour just about Norway. <3
  • eye makeup. Let's face it, it's my art form. I excel at it and I thoroughly enjoy my ever-increasing supply of every color and shade known to man.

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