Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just a hint of homesickness...

You would think that only after two weeks, I wouldn't feel the homesickness wave.
I don't too much. After all, I LOVE my host family and the ward here is amazing, it truly is.
But when I watch my host sisters banter with one another, it makes me miss my sisters all that much more. And I would like to hug my momma and daddy too.
I miss my roommates and the comings and goings happening back home.
I don't miss the 100+ degree weather. I will take any rainy Norwegian summer over a dry, hot Utah one, that is for sure.
I really love this country and everything that I am learning here. This is the result of three long years of study.
Even though I don't catch everything that is said and no one really knows me here, I still relish this opportunity to hear this beautiful language and to explore new avenues of my character.

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