Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Historical Hearttrob(s)

If you've spent any time around me, you will pick up on the fact that I love history. More than that, I have illogical romantic attachments to historical figures.

Particularly, Alexander Hamilton.

Oooooo. So much looooooove.

This fact was so apparent that at one point, my roommate painted me a portrait of A.H. for a birthday present. This crush is real and ongoing, 7 years strong, I'm telling you people.

However, this post is not solely dedicated to A.H. even though the man fully deserves his own post. And will probably get one at one point. This is to show you this slightly inappropriate blog that I just discovered thanks to a friend.


Mostly historical facts with some snark and pictures of attractive dudes, what more can you ask for? I love learning things that I didn't know before and this blog has it all. Random facts about pretty famous people. And the best part?! A.H. was the very first post. BOOOYA! Apparently, Alexander is a pretty popular choice. Why not?! The man was brilliant, founding father and duel-to-the-death type of guy.

No really, he died in a duel. Stupid Aaron Burr. 

I will leave you with a rap about Alexander Hamilton that was sung in the White House. No joke, it's quite good and IT'S ABOUT ALEXANDER HAMILTON. What more do you people need?! ;)

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