Sunday, November 8, 2009

Busy Bee

It is a silly wish of mine every weekend that it will be opposite of my weekdays. But they are always as busy as everyday anyway. I'm not complaining. I love having my days filled with friends, family and acquaintences. I love people.

It is my biggest dream, when I grow up, to have this cute little house, and have it be warm and delicious smelling inside and having it stuffed to the brim with people. I want the kind of house that people can just run into, no need to knock, with kids (mine or neighborhood kids) who call me mom and I will always have something delicious to eat to offer to people.

Woah. Sorry to get lost on that sidenote. My weekend. So my roommate from freshman year turned 21! And to celebrate, we had afternoon tea at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. It was so fancy! And it was so good to visit with Ali and celebrate this milestone in her life with her. There was a handful of girls, mostly from her high school, but they were such neat girls, like it just reaffirmed the fact that if you are already friends with someone, the chances that you will like their friends is pretty good. So good afternoon. AND!!! It was hightened by the fact that I found this AMAZING dress for the party! I took Shannon shopping with me on Friday, but we couldn't find anything. Stupid mall. I tend to have a very specific image in my mind of what I want to look like. So most of the time, I don't find anything at all. I wish it was easier to make clothes. I would be so stylish. Hah! If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.

Anyways, Friday was fun but I still need a dress so Saturday morning, I went out on my own to a couple of places. And I found a dress that was perfect. So stylish, so flattering. And only fifteen bucks! I is a smart shopper. Mah! So I hurried and got some groceries and ink! (very important) So I dashed home, got ready in just enough time to fly (as in drive really fast) up to SLC and made it just in time for the party. Had a really fun time (so fancy) and then came back down to Provo to find everyone gone to Adult Session of Stake Conference. Oops. So I made banana bread and watched "Smokey and the Bandit" (burt funny) I will have to tell you about that later. (Only 5 bucks!) And then Debra called! Game night! So after the movie, I dashed over there and had a blast, chatting it up with really cool people. And we played Cranium. Me and Debra talked smak. *shrug* It's what we do. ;) Neither of our teams won. Ha! Then I came back home and went to sleep. Good day. Busy, but good.

I think life is never going to slow down. Ever. So I guess I will just have to get used to flying so fast.

zooM, zooM, ZOOM!

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  1. Kiera. I love you a ridiculous amount. Your blog post always make me so happy. And when I woke up this morning I had a panic attack because when I looked over the side of my bed I had weird green marks all over my face! And my eyes were blurry so I was scared. Then the world came into focus and I laughed because it was a beautiful love note from you! (Obviously you already knew that) but it totally made my morning! I'm so sad that I was trapped in the Library working on that stupid essay. BOO! I can't believe I missed hanging out with you. Ridiculous! Next time, that won't happen. Deal? Deal. So yes. Your post was adorable just like your face and I wish I could see that dress. It sounds incredible! And the afternoon tea thing is such a cute idea! I love it. And I love you. The end.