Wednesday, October 6, 2010

J'adore la culture de Tahiti

I have a delightful story for everyone.
...No, I did not suddenly learn French... (Thank Heaven for Google Translate.)
No, this story is about Tahiti.

They speak French there.
Yesterday, my History 202 professor invited us TA's over to her house because they were hosting a dozen Tahitians for the LDS General Conference. Apparently her son served his mission there awhile ago. Anyways, they made a ton of food, real Tahitian food, and were going to do a performance for everyone. Dr. Frederickson's philosophy is one of "the more, the merrier" so she invited us to go.
It was SO much fun!
We got there just as the girls were about to do their dance. There was this adorable little girl, around 11 or 12 and she was amazing. I definitely can't move like that. After the girls did a couple of dances, they pulled people from the audience and had a sort of "dance off", where they showed the audience members how to dance and everyone just danced together. One girl pulled me and my roommate up and we were laughing and dancing. Not everyone can shake their hips like that. Let me tell you, it was one heck of a workout. You are constantly moving your legs! And hips!
After the dancing, we had food. Real Tahitian food. There was sooooo much foooood. Seriously, so much. Mind you, I didn't eat everything. They like raw fish, so I avoided that. But everything else was really good. I had taro, and pork and curry and a soft, breadlike thing covered in coconut milk; and potatoes, and a noodle and shrimp salad. Not quite what I expected, but it was so good. It was real culture! And even though we couldn't communicate (again, that darn French language) it was such a neat experience to be there and be with them.
Bon Appetit!

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