Friday, November 5, 2010

Kievan Rus, Heian Japan and Mali

Oh boy, oh boy!
I am so excited, folks!
I get to teach in my TA class about the post-classical civilizations of the Kievan Rus, Heian and Kamakura Japan and the Empire of Mali in Sub Saharan West Africa.
I made a prezi. (It's like powerpoint, but much cooler.)
Here it is!
Anyways, if you can't look at, give me a couple days and I will try to get it up here.
Stay tuned, I will give you a heads up of what next semester looks like
Oh goodie.
Yes, that is exactly what you should be thinking. :)


  1. Holy cow, how did you make that?! It's so cool!!! I love how you can just fly around from subject to subject but still see it all connected and stuff. SWEET!

  2. catherine! hi! :) it's super easy, just go to and start messing around with it. I showed Jesse some of it today. It's very similar to powerpoint, but a little bit more creativity and fluidity. There is this neat little tutorial that gives you everything you need to know.
    It's really fun.
    Let me know how it turns out!

  3. By the way, you did awesome in class today! The Prezi kept everyone focused because it was so cool. And the treats definitely went over well :)

    But still, you had a lot of good info!