Thursday, April 14, 2011

Good News

I came home today from the last day of classes (technically the last day ever but it's hard to say so because I have a whole year left of student teaching) and on my bed was a letter. This happens occasionally, because my roommate loves to check the mail and she is nice enough to leave my letters on my bed. I really enjoy coming home to a letter surprise on my bed. Some letters are obviously much more delightful to get than others. I am much more excited to get a letter from a missionary friend than I am getting a letter from, let's say, my bank. However, when I get letters from my school? It's an ambiguous kind of feeling.
On one hand it could be really great news!
On the other hand, it could be some disciplinary measure. (You never know, I could have broken a rule without being aware of it or something.)
So today, I found a letter on my bed from my university.
With some trepidation, I opened it.
Inside was....
(can you imagine if I left the post there? I don't know about you, but the suspense would have killed me.)
Inside was a letter from the History department offering me a scholarship for new semester. A real scholarship!
I was so happy, I cried, a little. (Let's be honest though, I can cry at almost anything.)
And then I told everyone about it.
And now, I blogged about it.
Good news, eh?
P.S. Turned in my capstone paper today. IT'S DONE. 25 whole pages, the stupid beast. But, it's over now. WOOHOO!

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