Monday, April 11, 2011

Imagine: BYU Ballroom Concert

This weekend, mi parentals came down to party. They took me and my sister to the BYU Ballroom concert. It's kind of a tradition, at least for my sister and I. I may not go to football or other sports, but I do make it to the ballroom concert every year. Anyways, it was breath-taking as usual and since I don't work at the RB anymore, I didn't have any negative feelings towards the dancers. (Cleaning up after people doesn't engender positive feelings sometimes) This video that I posted was one of my favorite dances. This actual clip was filmed about a month before when this couple won some national title. The Marriott center was too dark for any actual filming. And I think it was prohibited...Anyways, this performance was simply stunning. I loved it. The rest of the concert was top-notch as well. They had a whole Cirque de Soleil vibe going on. It was very effective at setting the mood. Very inventive and almost otherworldly.

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