Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#BooksWithBeddes: 300th Book Read Celebration

Folks, this is an occasion: My 300th read book is official on Goodreads as of tonight! We must do what we can to celebrate. I've included my Goodreads review for your viewing pleasure. And this is how I celebrate! (I live the adventurous life.)

Tiger LilyTiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Three and half stars, I think.
Genre: retold classic, alternative narrators. love triangles
Summary: This is the story of Peter Pan, but told from Tinkerbell's point of view as an omniscient third person narrator. As a fairy, she can tell the thought, feelings and memories of the people around her. She is tied to Tiger Lily first, and of course, Peter, later. Tinkerbell narrates Tiger Lily's background and how she meets and falls in love with Peter. But it isn't a love affair that is meant to last because Tiger Lily is engaged to be married, Captain Hook wants Peter Pan dead, and another girl, by the name of Wendy, comes into the picture.
Response: This was a suggestion by one of my students, and I had to read it quick because she had already promised it to another friend. It was a quick read.
The writing was beautiful and had a haunting sort of lyricism to it. I love the unusual narrator. I don't really like Tinkerbell as a character from the original Disney story, or her other reincarnations in those straight-to-DVD movies. But Tinkerbell as the narrator is genius. The author explains why she can't talk, and how she met Tiger Lily, Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.  As a fairy, she is privy to people's thoughts, and feelings, even the ones that are kept deep inside.
This Neverland was parts beauty, mystery and danger. This retelling of Peter Pan had a much darker edge to it that I was expecting. It wasn't the Neverland of Disney's imagination. In a way, it was an appropriate Neverland for a grown up audience.
Tiger Lily wasn't the most sympathetic character. I felt she was too cold and distant for me to really care about her, but the supporting cast of characters were spot on. I think this book broke my heart a little, but it also patched it up too.

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