Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Entertainment Wednesday: The Mindy Project

Entertainment Wednesday: Once a week, I will highlight some pop culture element that I'm currently enjoying at the moment. Sound off in the comments if there is something that I need to see.

The Mindy Project on Fox: I love, love, love The Mindy Project! And tonight it's baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! (And since I don't have regular TV, when I say tonight, I mean Wednesday after school on Hulu) After a mid-season hiatus, Mindy and her crew are back and I'm thrilled. 

What is it about: Mindy Lahiri (played by Mindy Kaling) is a 30-something OBGYN in New York who is an eternal romantic and is trying to figure her life out, still. 

Why I Like it: Daniel Castellano (he is a significant part of why I love this show), Mindy Lahiri's fashion sense, and it's basically a weekly rom-com. 

Usually my sister and I have similar tastes in entertainment, so it bums me out that she hates this show with such a violent passion. She just can't get past the idea of Mindy as Kelly Kapoor from The Office. I've previously mentioned that I dislike The Office, (Ugh, SO MUCH) so I didn't mind it at all. Fortunately, I have friends that have fantastic taste and who I can gush over new developments with. 

And there is always something new. Part of the genre of rom-coms are romantic story lines, and Mindy really plays with the concept. The Mindy on the show is an expert on all the Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan-esque films and tries (and fails) to make her life like one. Mindy has had SO many love interests and yummy guest starring men from James Franco, to BJ Novak, to Ben Feldman, to Seth Rogen. Oh it is glorious.

Mindy is a realistic character. You can totally see her functioning in the real world, unlike Jess from New Girl who is too Manic-Pixie-Dream-Girl to handle sometimes. While I loooooved New Girl the first two seasons, season three was truly terrible (although Jess's b-day party from Nick was adorbs). Mindy is realistic in tone, her observations on social expectations are ON POINT, and her fashion is to die for. Seriously, I would drool over almost every piece her closet. 

So, if you haven't yet, give Mindy a chance. (I'm looking at you, Denay). And rejoice because it's back on tonight (Tuesday) and I will finally get to see what happens after this:

If you are still reading, this fan-vid will give you a glimpse why I absolutely ADORE Danny Castellano: 


  1. I just started watching the Mindy project last week (and I watched 1.5 seasons since then!) and I totally love it!! I feel you on loving the characters, Mindy and danny especially (though I also really love Morgan and the secretary) also, I have a massive weirdo crush on danny! I can't wait til niko naps and I can watch the new episode!!!!

    1. Catherine!!! Isn't it the greatest thing ever?? I also love Morgan because he is just so odd sometimes. Danny Castellano is the GREATEST person in the world. I love that you love this.