Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good Times, Good Times

This morning at work, I was just thinking of happy memories. I happened to have a little Michael Buble on and it got me thinking about dancing, real dancing, like waltzing (my fav) and other "social dances" (which I don't understand that title exactly, as when you are dancing these dances you are only dancing with one other person. which isn't the epitome of socialness...however, this could be debated further) AnYwAyS, I was thinking about waltzing and I remembered one of the coolest things ever that happened in my dancing career.
Once Upon A Time... (last fall semester) I took a beginning social dance class. They made you attend a dance lab to show everyone else in dance classes that you actually knew what you were doing...since it was required, I attended. Not expecting to know anyone I meandered around, said hello to acquaintences from my class, and tried to not get crushed to death by the huge mass of people. Lo and behold, I ran into a kid from my ward, who goes by the name AJ who also happened to dance, quite a bit actually. He is on the back-up ballroom tour team and had taught me earlier how to cha-cha properly. So, nice guy. As we were chatting, again avoiding death from five million other people dancing in the room, other girls from our ward joined us and we had a little mini 2nd ward reunion. All of a sudden, AJ turns to me and asks, "Would you like to dance?" Uh...hold on a minute, i have to think about this one...HECK YES. Ladies, this was the waltz! And he actually knew how to dance! And it was a beautiful memory.
So I thought I should share that one with you. I was thinking of others, but that is the problem when you are busy with memories and there is no pen or paper around. Next time, though, next time...I'll remember.
Perhaps its a good thing that I couldn't remember, that way I don't overwhelm you with memory lane. It's a pleasant thing to enjoy the past, just not all at once. A little goes a long way, don't cha know. Kinda like the time I substituted a handful of salt instead of sugar in my sister's cream-o-wheat...
p.s. salt goes a loooooooooonnnnnnng way.

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  1. Guys who can dance are SO HOT!!! You should date that guy. My boyfriend can dance, so you once you start dating him, we'll double! Ok?