Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Memories of Birthday's Past

Hello All:
On the eve of my twentieth birthday (its a big deal ok? I realize that people have birthdays every day and everyone has been twenty before but I haven't, which makes this birthday pretty neat.) I have decided to sit down for a moment and share a couple thoughts of birthdays past.
Birthday on the Island
So this is probably one of my bestest birthday memories ever. So the summer after I graduated high school, I flew to Catalina, California and lived on the island there for three months. I worked at a boy scout camp (i'm sorry that i tend to talk about it a lot...its basically the only cool thing i can remember doing *shrug*) anyways...this was my first birthday away from home, and this was only a couple weeks into the summer. So we lived only a couple of yards away from the ocean. (mahvalous!!!) Between meals, we would have free time and of course we would go to the ocean to relax. The girls in the kitchen, we tended to ignore the scouts. And it was a monday and so the staffers were strategically placed in stations to teach the scouts about water safety and various other lessons. So as me and my friend, Haylee, walked to the beach, we passed each station and said hello to the boy-staffer there. Well, at each station, they sang happy birthday to me, personally! And it wasn't like these stations were very far apart from each other. It was like one long, beautiful chain of personal attention. That, and the beautiful sun and weather, and just all the great people I worked with...sigh, yes indeed that was a wonderful birthday. Oh...haha, I just wasn't all sunshine and happiness. Like I said before, it was my first birthday away from home, so I got really homesick...and called one of my best friends, Ben. And basically bawled to him, gee. I feel bad for the kid. I have put him through a lot. Ha, but I guess that is what good friends are for right? All in all, good day.
Antelope Crush
This one makes the record books because this was one of the first times I remember having a crush. Haha, oh silly elementary school crushes. Anyways, my mother planned this big excursion to Antelope Island (Utah's readily accessible island in the Great Salt Lake) and we had a picnic and played in the sad, and my crush came! Aw!
Birthday in the Park
Summer birthdays are a trial sometimes...The weather is almost always nice and therefore, the usual activity is almost always water oriented. Blah! After several years of water activities, it gets a little redundant. So this birthday (during high school) I planned a picnic in the park. We had a BBQ and food and games. It was delicious. The reason this one is memorable is because we had a watermelon and nothing to cut it with, except for this huge knife that we used to check the this kid (scott kershaw) really was brilliant, decided to santize the knife by sticking it in the fire. Good plan, except he tried to use it while it was still hot. And burned long knife mark in his hand. Poor kid. Still. In school, he was a smartie.....
Enough memories.
This year is going to rock too!
Love birthdays.

p.s. Did you know that eskimos don't celebrate birthdays?

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  1. Kiera, I'm sorry I missed your birthday! I was at Lake Powell and had no access to any form of communication! But, I hope your bday was splendid!