Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It Really IS a Small World After All...

Crazy story today, kids!
I work in the Richards Building, more commonly known as the RB on campus. I am a custodian, I clean things. *shrug* Anyways, with as much time as I spend in the RB, one is bound to pick out a few regulars. Most of the time, it's the people whose offices I clean that I see all the time [weird, its like they work there too or something! ;) ] I can still remember the first time I actually ran into one of the professors whose office I clean. It felt like I was meeting my rock star idol, because it feels like I know them so well! Its strange how much about a person you can glean from looking at a space they inhabit on a regular basis. Is anyone understanding what I am trying to say? I'm not trying to win the creepy janitor award, I am just trying to make a point that sometimes I see people, regularly, and it feels like I know them, but I don't...
*the only other people who don't work at the RB and who are still there on a regular basis are the dancers. Specifically the ballroom kids. If they could figure out a way to actually spend the night in the RB, they would do it.
Anyways, the secretaries are mostly students. So, like, my age. And there is this one kid, Russel McDonald (he has a name tag on his desk, ok?) that looks like a nice kid, but I never had the chance to talk to him before.
WELL! Today on my way home from work, I saw him walking toward the RB (so opposite direction) and so I waved. (we have gotten to the point of recognition, ok?) He smiled and waved back but he was with a girl! (and that is fine! good for him, seriously!) This girl recognized me! She is a friend of some good friends of mine, affectionately known as Apartment 35 (even though they don't live in a #35 anymore) and so we were chatting, and then I was officially introduced to Rusty, as he is commonly known, and apparently him and Sydney (this girl) are in the same ward, and used to be in the same ward as Apt 35! CrAzY! Its funny because the only reason I am friends with 35 is because they were good friends with the Gilliland sisters, some good friends of mine in MY ward! It's like one giant circle! (the circle of life, and it moves us allllll!!!!)
This is a very small world. Being mormon makes it smaller. (everyone knows everyone else) AND being mormon and college-age and attending BYU makes the world even smaller.
Hence the story.
The End

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  1. hooray!!! that was a great story :) And I dont think you're creepy or strange at all :D