Thursday, October 1, 2009

6 Degrees of Separation

I'm pretty sure ya'll have heard of this. I had too, but I learned about it today. Sociology (my last GE thank goodness!) made us get into groups and normally I hate group work. Not that I don't like the people but, gosh dang it! Sometimes, i just need to do the work my way, you know? Surprisingly though, this group is pretty awesome. Especially considering it's just three of us. Anyways sociology was teaching us about weak connections i.e. acquaintances and how it's better for you to find a good job through a large network of weak connections rather than a network based on close friends. And the assignment mentioned how not everyone is connected to everyone else, rather, we are connected to a few who seem to know everyone else. Anyways, they had us do this little experiment, try the 6 degrees of separation with Kevin Bacon. Pick a name of any actor or actress and try to get them to connect with each other. We picked Cary Grant. Not any connection you say? Well, you'd be took like twenty degrees of separation, but we got it! It was so much fun! We kept bring up all of these fantastic old movies and actors and I had a blast. Connections rock. Try it sometime. The world is a lot smaller than we think. :)

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