Friday, October 30, 2009

Askeladden og Smørbukk

Goodness, I can't believe the semester is halfway over. I love, love, love my classes. My favorite one, believe it or not, is my Norwegian Literature class. It is combined with the Danish Lit. class because the languages are so similar, and Denmark controlled Norway for ages. (norway is better...grumble, grumble...) anyways, so for a large majority of the class we have been reading Danish stuff, which, you know, is cool, but ah yes, we just started "nasjionalromatikken" which is the Romantic period in Norway. And there are these two men, Asbjornsen and Moe, they are the equivalent of the Grimms Brother in Germany, well they went to the backcountry of Norway and collected all of these fantastic folk and fairy tales. I love this. I love fairy tales. And fairy tales in foreign languages are even better. Askeladden translates roughly into "the ash lad" which is like Cinderella. He is slightly different though, as he has many adventures, but there are plenty of similarities, trust me. We watched an old school stop-motion animation movie about Askeladden yesterday and I was in heaven. Ah Norge! Dette er det best sted i hele
Smørbukk is another character, translated into butterball, but he is this adorable kid who has adventures too. He just likes to eat...
That is my geek out moment for the week.
:) Cheers and Happy Halloween!

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  1. So I love this. Mostly cause I can picture how you would be if you were telling me this in person, and you'd be so excited and adorable and my Kiera. Yay. I love you.