Monday, October 12, 2009

Pandora and Bob

This is a music box. It is not mine. I have lots of boxes, some musical, some otherwise but I wanted to picture a box that kinda represents Pandora's box. The greek myth is kinda of sad, as she unleashes all the world's aliments when she opens her secret box and it gave Greek men a reason to hate women, but it has a hopeful ending. She doesn't let hope escape and that is why we still have it. Anyways, that isn't really where I was wanting to go with this post...
Another connection to Pandora. I am sure ya'll know the website, Pandora the internet radio station. I freakin LOVE it. I made a radio station for Tchaikovsky and Journey and most importantly, BOB SEGER.
He is the man.
And he should be more appreciated than he currently is.
I love him.
Bob Seger, ladies and gentlemen, check it out.
that's all...

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