Sunday, February 28, 2010

If the hands of time were hands that I could hold!

Things are flying by so fast! Yet again, another weekend has come and gone. No worries though, I have enjoyed every minute of it, for various reasons.
All of which are utterly delicious and I will share them with you now. This order is not necessarily mean they come in this order, they just uploaded in that way.
Exhibit a:

CARY GRANT. Or in other words, known as Dr. Praetorius from 'People Will Talk'. Hands down, one of my favorite movies of all time. Cary Grant is beautiful. Dr. Noah Praetorius is one of the best characters in film, so smart, loving, generous and Good. Just plain good. I made one of my good friends, Nick Vigil watch it with me this weekend. I told him about it but surprisingly, my estatic rendtion of the plot didn't do the movie justice. So he came, we watched. Everyone was edified. Good things happen when Cary Grant is on the scene...

Exhibit b: Sister mine. Denay Beddes. Affectionately known as Nay. I have other names for her, but they don't make sense to most people. Mainly just me. She doesn't even like the names I pick out for her. Anyways, me and nay played this weekend! All of her roommates were gone this weekend, so I slept over at her place! It was fun sleeping somewhere else than my bed. And nay is so good, learning so much. And funny too...
We were watching a movie once, (not this weekend, but it's funny) 'Bright Star' about John Keats. He had a brother. Nay turns to me and says, "If his brother stayed alive, they would have been known as a pair of Keats." parakeets. You get it? Yup, that pretty much sums up Nay's humor.
Exhibit c: Karina MAY!!!! Oh my goodness, I love this girl. I love that she loves what she does and who she is. I love that we can literally talk for HOURS and never repeat anything we say. I love that her friends are just as unique and amazing as she is. I love how smart and talented and creative she is. And...she makes me laugh and think. Not necessarily at the same time, but you know I admire it. We played this weekend. Watched her brother's roommate play guitar at someone's house. The house was CLEARLY packed beyond the fire code. But you know, we had fun. THE Ceiling was SPARKLY. That in and of itself makes it a great weekend.

Exhibit d: My friend suggested this book. I read it. It's good. This picture just symbolizes my love for books and literature in general. They open up such worlds that make you think and feel and become better people. I love suggesting books to people and getting suggestions in return. You share something in common with them, making your friendship stronger and also expanding your horizons at the same time. Wow. So good.
K, i'm done. Till Next Time.

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