Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Favorite Things

I know that I change my blog a lot. But that is just my nature. I like change. My hair, my clothes, my blog... you get the picture. I keep swinging from whimsical to sensible. Hopefully someday I will find a nice inbetween. :) Until then...
Anyways, here are a few of my favorite things, as the Sound of Music song lead me to ponder on.

Like these fine gentlemen. Oh Dino! My heart!
Speaking of Dinos...I think this shirt is adorable. It's labeled "childlike glee." I feel this aptly describes me.

I love roses. And this wedding dress is so pretty with the roses built into the dress. It's dramatic but oh so natural in a way. Like, the roses just bloom, it doesn't look like it has been man-handled..

And...I love bubbles. There is this old poem by William Canton: "They glide, they dart, they soar, they break.Oh, joyous little daughter, What lovely coloured worlds we make, What crystal flowers of water!...To her enchanted with the gleam, The glamour and the glory, The bubble home's a home of dream, And I must tell its story." Beautiful, so true.
The End!

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