Friday, January 22, 2010

My Cheeks Hurt From Smiling

I don't know what it is, but I am just so happy. It is getting to be a problem because my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. Good things!
We had pie night last Saturday, it was a success. Lots of pie and friends came (i.e. Nick!!)! And then on Martin Luther King Jr. day I got to hang out with Karina May in Salt Lake City. That was a blast! True story, we saw Gilgal gardens and the planetarium and the museum of natural history and Temple Square and the Lion House. It was really fun, so fun.
And then later that night, I got to help out a friend with his homework. You know, anything for a friend. :)
Then we got to observe in a junior high all week. I enjoyed a heck of a lot more then I thought would. I even got to teach! About the Punic Wars! It was soo soo exciting. Like a real teacher. And at the end of this week, the teacher that I was observing told me that I would make a great teacher. I was so flattered. Hence, I couldn't stop smiling today. So flattered. It meant so much to me that she thought that. And we read Icelandic sagas today. Those are always exciting, no joke. So funny and interesting. And in my American Literature class, my teacher tried to remember my name. Now you might wonder why that is smile worthy, but this teacher is just so funny. He caught me waitin for my seat. It's my SEAT, ok? Ha, so the girl that was sitting there in the class before was packing up when I got there sooner than expected. So I didn't want to wait around cause that is AWKWARD. So I left the room for a sec. And ran into the teacher. Haha. That was kinda embarassing, cause I had to explain myself. Oh well. BUT I GOT MY SEAT! That is the point.
And my roommates are hilarious, which, you know, always helps.
Nay is pretty funny too.
It's just a happy week, I guess.

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