Friday, January 8, 2010

The Rundown.

Here is what my semester looks like thus far:
SC ED 276R. Translation? Intro to Secondary Education
* FOUR HOURS EVERYDAY. But it is a block. So maybe I will survive. We are starting to visit schools and actually see what happens. I am scared out of my pants. And I am nervous about getting a job. It is an interesting process, let me tell you.
Scand 430. Cultural History of Scandinavia
*BTW: Did you know that people who like in Scandinavian don't call themselves Scandinavians? Ya, it is a word that was first used by Pliny, a Roman historian. And Scandinavian is from 'skad': means dangerous and 'auia': means watery place. Some lazy scribe added the 'n's. Very Interesting, trust me.
Hist 332. Scandinavian History
*Professor Haslam is THE funniest old man on the planet. I was almost in tears during the whole 2 1/2 hrs of class. I did not expect it and I was pleasantly surprised. We saw old fashioned slides of Iceland. It is not the most breathtaking of places.
Engl 293. American Literary History
*Now this is the best of both worlds. I get to read amazing literature while studying american history. I like reading, but I DO NOT like taking apart a text. What rhyme scheme is this? Why did he use this word? What is the etymology of this word? Not really interested. Now what is more interesting is questions what historical events influenced the author to write this text? How did the book influence other events? Now that is interesting stuff! :D
Hist 346. History of Korea.
*This is a complete gamble. I have never ever learned about Eastern history. The teacher is a giant. With a voice to match. I am in awe of him. And he isn't old. For some strange reason I have an image of the Easter Island giant stone heads. It kinda makes sense.
Rel 324. Doctrine and Covenants.
*I finally have a religion class! I have missed class. So excited.
Apparently, I really like short complete sentences. Meh. 18 credits again so no surprise there. Once this block class is over, I will be swimming in time. Sort of. But that is what the weekend for, right? To party!
I got a Carl's Junior burger combo for the first time tonight. I had never been before. Which explains what happened tonight. Me and Nay drive up to the window and I hand the nice lady my card. She gives me my soda and my card back. The car in front of me parked just ahead in line, so I just assumed I should scoot forward too. The girl leans out the window and calls out worriedly "Don't you want your food?!!" Hahahahahha....I couldn't reverse cause there was someone behind me so I got out of my car, went up to the window and took the bag from the girl, walked back to my car in the middle of the drive-thru lane and drive off crying my eyes out because I was laughing so hard. Yah, I have my moments...
Like the time when I was helping the norwegian missionaries teach their lessons. They asked me a nice simple question, a yes or no question. I couldn't for the life of me think of "yes" in norwegian. I said yes (english), si (spanish), da (russian) and finally I got to the simple ja (norwegian). It took awhile. Fortunately, the missionaries are there to learn patience.
I got a super soft blanket for Christmas. Well, sort of for Christmas. My littlest sister got one and it was the softest thing in the world, seriously, I have never felt anything so soft. I kept stealing it. She did not appreciate it. So my grandma took me to the store and bought me one, after Christmas. I am so snuggly, I am like the softest thing in the world. And the best thing in Provo to hug. i.e. me in the blanket and someone hugging me. Like, the best experience ever!! Ha, anyways this should be the end of this somewhat random post...

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