Sunday, January 10, 2010

I remember you. Do you remember me too?

Ah the start of school.

Reconnecting with old friends.

This weekend ROCKED.
Kind of epic, like this. ^ :D

Friday: The Gilliland sisters dropped in for a social call. They also refreshed my Dr. Quinn habit. They are some of the neatest girls that I know. They gave me this fantastic picture of Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. I am glad that they know me so well.

Saturday: Karina May!! Here is one of my favorite people that I have met here at BYU. We watched a movie together, like old times. And talked for hours about everything, it seemed like. I love that, being able to talk to someone about anything and everything and the conversation doesn't have to follow rhyme or reason but just flows naturally. It was beautiful and it should happen frequently. ;)
Sunday: The boys of Apt 35! GAH!!! It has been WEEKS, I am telling you, since the last time I had seen these boys. They are like... I don't know, it is so hard to describe. But I am so glad that we are friends and that they understand that I need to see them every so often. I happened to be at another apartment who was hosting a game afternoon and I saw them walk by. I gasped and ran out there to welcome them in my apt. They are like older brothers, favorite cousins, the best home teachers, all rolled into one! We talked for like an hour. And it made my soul light and happy.
All in all, I hope weekends like this happend a lot, because I think that this is what is going to keep me going this semesters, is having awesome friends like this with me always. Frequently.

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