Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kiera's Rules

I am putting off homework again.


Congratulations to me, I kicked Facebook until the end of school. This time I am going to stick with it. My self-discipline needs a little practice anyways.

Surprisingly, I am getting stuff done. I feel the creative juices flowing. I have energy and direction in my life again!

Who knew Facebook was such a fun-sucker?

I am blogging!

These are my rules of life. They are constantly on my computer where I can see them at all times.

Background story:
My freshman roommates found a book. < pst...this is a link...just so you know...They read it and made me read it. It's kinda silly. But it has some interesting insights. Anyways, I have a set of rules too. They aren't so much about dating and boys but I try to think of them when I am interacting with other people.

  1. Don't interrupt.
  2. If they call you, call back!
  3. Glitter is a good thing.
  4. Looking good is the best revenge.
  5. To see or be seen, that is the goal.
  6. Keep your promises.
  7. Never stop learning.
  8. Be happy.
That pretty much sums it up. I think I should add to this list from time to time. I realize that a large majority of the rules seem to be about looking good, but it's only about 25% of the list. Trust me, I even did the math on this one. And looking good is a good thing to keep in mind. The other goals are pretty nifty too.

Sincerely yours,

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