Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Entertainment Wednesday: Community

Entertainment Wednesday: Once a week, I will highlight some pop culture element that I'm currently enjoying at the moment. Sound off in the comments if there is something that I need to see.

Community on NBC: A critical darling with a cult following. I do love the absurd, so my taste in TV shows is a little bizarre. I like Parks and Rec but I hate The Office. I do NOT like Arrested Development but I like 30 Rock. 

I was a little worried that it would be strange, considering the very small but very vocal minority at my school that was advocating it. But when one is stranded at a drama competition two hours away, one commits to certain things. 

I started watching it on Sunday...which turned into an all-day affair. Then Monday after school. And Tuesday. I've made it through Season 1 already. 

Community is fantastic for several reasons. 1.) Endlessly quotable 2.) Highly unique 3.) Fast paced and always engaging 4.) A lovable group of misfits. I realize that I am probably behind the times but I fully support this TV show.

Be warned, I've been told that I have a fascination with jerks. I loved TV jerks. Elliot from Leverage, Danny Castellano from The Mindy Project, Jake Peralta from Brooklyn 99. So Jeff Winger is a tool,  I will admit that. But I can't help it! I love him still. 

The real gem of the show, though, is Abed. His observations on human nature and media stereotypes is hilarious, wise, timely and brilliant. 

So give it a shot if you haven't yet. Let me know when you get to the Paintball episode. Oh, you'll know what I mean when you see it.


  1. I'm so glad you're on board with Community now. This show kills me.

    1. Oh my heck, it's my new obsession! And I mean OBSESSED.