Saturday, March 29, 2014

Good Eats: Molly's

Good Eats: I'm a fan of food. So for my Good Eats series, I will highlight either good recipes or restaurants that I've recently come across.

Restaurant Review: Molly's

Last Friday was Girls Night Out (GNO henceforth) to see Pride and Prejudice at BYU. Of course, with such an event, you have to go out for dinner! I've always wanted to try Molly's while I was going to school in Provo, but it was only open for lunch and it was inconvenient. Well, ta da! It was open for dinner on Friday. 

We popped on by and it was busy! Which is always a good sign. The restaurant was a little small, but the food was delicious. The eating area was light and friendly. It is homestyle BBQ with the most gorgeous dinner rolls I think I've ever seen. The lemonade was sweet with a little splash of pineapple juice, which made is 10x better than any other lemonade I've had recently.

Lastly, if nothing else convinces you, four words: chocolate-cream-cheese-cake. Yes, it was real and it was beautiful delicious.

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