Monday, September 20, 2010

Lazy Day Saturday

You know when you have had a lazy day when your roommates celebrate the fact that you stop watching TV episodes on your laptop.
Ok, background:
I was so excited for the weekend.
I just wanted to do NOTHING.
So I did.
I did nothing all Saturday.
And it was delicious.
Well, what I did was I found a TV show that only ran one season that I remembered watching in high school, briefly, because, well, it was canceled.
Anyway, joy of joys, I found all of it on youtube. So my Saturday was set. I watched all 13 episodes.
Now, this would only be a problem if I did so on a regular basis. But I don't and probably will never do so again.
It's part of the philosophy that you have to know the worst before you can understand the best, right?
Alas, school is upon me again, and so is real life.
I need to think of some healthy diversions for my next weekend.
Got any ideas?

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