Friday, September 17, 2010


WHY?!Why do I enjoy this so much?!
Dang you, nickelodeon.


  1. I still haven't watched this show. Which I'm guessing is a good thing since I really don't have time for such a thing. The JoBros and Demi have me a little preoccupied :)

    BTW, I think having a preteen tv show addiction is good for your health. There is probably some kind of research paper out there about it. If not, I will write one.

  2. between now and your mission? i want a copy on my desk before you report. ;)

  3. HAHAHA... yeah... that's not going to happen.

    Have you seen FRED the Movie? It's on Nick right now... hahaha it's crazy. So weird.

  4. ok, ya, about fred. I don't get it. he was on a segment of icarly once and is was like...what the heck?

  5. I don't get it either. But I laughed insanely hard at the previews. Especially the one where he was singing "Fire Burning" in his weird voice. So. Hilarious. But yeah... the rest of what I saw confused the heck out of me.