Sunday, May 1, 2011


As a sort of celebration after this last semester, Shannon and I headed down to Toquerville, UT to spend a couple of days with her parents. And since it was Easter weekend as well, we did the usual activities. 
 We dyed eggs all sorts of colors...
 Shannon lost at the cutesy cardboard pop-out matching game. This is a picture of her sad "oh, I lost" face.
  These are all of my cards. (I won!)
 Shannon's mom taught us how to decorate cakes. Key to success? Hand muscles. It is really the only trick, learning how to grip the frosting and move it just right. Having the right kind of frosting helps too. Still, we did it!
 The finished product...
 Isn't it the gaudiest thing you've ever seen? :) Can you find the bunny?
This last picture is all the tips we used. The frosting always got stuck, which was gross, but it sure made for a colorful picture!
Happy belated Easter!

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