Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nightime Philosophers

Ever since school has ended, I spend a lot of time staying up to ridiculous hours of the night. Why for, you might ask? Certainly not to watch reruns of How I Met Your Mother (but yes, we have watched so much more of that show than is actually probably necessary)
Actually, there really is no good reason for staying awake til 1...2...3 a.m.
However, this is the one thing I will say for the wee hours of the morning: they sure give you time to think.
Maybe it's the illusion of seclusion, when the dark night is kept at bay by the soft illumination of my tasteful Christmas lit living room. Maybe it's the shimmer and sway of bubbles that are blown between secrets that are shared between two confidants. Maybe the carefully constructed social guard wall becomes more permeable as the minutes tick by until sleep resets the protection.
Whatever it is, late nights/early morning are good times to take an honest look at yourself, your goals, your perspective in life. Not that it's a guaranteed pleasant experience. The morning after isn't pretty either but hopefully it helps you lead a more direct, more purposeful life.
Introspection is nice, isn't it?

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