Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Daddy, they took my boot!"

Actually, they took my lunch, but me and Jane were similarly put out about it. Indignant even. So me and my good friend Amanda Jardine have this pleasant little tradition of attending devotional then heading to the creamery afterward to enjoy a cheap lunch. Usually it is a good experience, we get to eat food, chat, and have ice cream. It gets a little harder to eat the ice cream during the winter months but somehow we manage it. BUT TODAY WAS DIFFERENT.
They called my number and I went up to get it and as soon I got up to the pickup counter, some kid swooped out of NOWHERE and took my lunch! My lunch! Seriously? And what was a person supposed to do in that type of situation? I wasn't prepared for it. This is not something we learn in elementary school, like those say no to drugs and alcohol lessons. I know how to handle those types of situations (not that they have ever happened, but you know *shrug* at least I am prepared) Having someone take your lunch though, no one can ever really prepare you for that so I turned right around and went back to the table. Amanda has more backbone than me so she complained. Twenty minutes later and no food. I did get my ice cream though. Then Amanda got her ice cream and when she came back, they brought my food! I have such good friends. :)
Point of the story?
The best solution if someone tries to take your lunch, just tackle the poor fool, since he obviously doesn't know what he is doing. It saves a lot of heartache, especially if you don't have an Amanda there with you to get you your food...
The End.


  1. Haha I'm so sorry. I really shouldn't laugh at this... but it's pretty funny. You're so cute. Oh, an I love that when I read you title I automatically read it in her voice. Haha such a Disney nerd :) I'm glad you ended up with a lunch.

  2. Haha aww! I'm so glad that I was able to help you get your lunch back. We definitely need to cash in those free ice cream coupons. :) Lydia told me about this and I had to read it. I love you Kiera!