Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dig a little deeper

I took my little sister to see The Princess and the Frog. I was excited to see it. Everyone else in my family had seen it before me. I think that this movie is something that I need to see again to fully appreciate it. I will know what to look for. Regardless if it was a Disney movie, I still cried. Ha, it shouldn't be a surprise, but I did.

I finished reading the Book of Mormon! Last night! I am so excited about this because I think it was the first time that I can remember reading it all the way through, all by myself. It made me incredibly happy and I feel complete. :)

And I proved that I can accomplish a goal!

I tried to stay away from Facebook. That didn't work to well. I even had Denay change the password. I will try again, this time for real. Usually when I have school, I can concentrate on necessary things, but I am here at home and usually I have nothing to occupy my time with. Hence checking Facebook too often. I am excited for school to start. New classes and this time I am going to start my secondary education classes. I am nervous to be a teacher in a year. Teaching is such a huge responsibility! My mom had me come visit her school and sit in on some history classes. Mount Ogden is a inner city school. Maybe not all schools are like that, but there are enough students that don't want to go to history classes. I am nervous. I want to change students lives, and makes them socially responsible people who want to do good in the world too. But at the same time, I can't do everything. At some level, parents have to educate their children too.

Tonight I am going to a mocktail/moustache new years eve party, 1940's style. Pictures forthcoming.

And I am going to dye my hair again. Again, pictures forthcoming.

Gah, my sister is watching Jurassic Park and the raptors are about to make their entrance and I am getting antsy. So intense.

Anyways, see you next year! Have fun!


  1. You're so cute. I just adore you... I know I say that every time you post something on here or Facebook. I'm excited to see your hair and pictures from this shindig. How fun! I'm glad you saw The Princess and the Frog! I'm obsessed. We can go see it at the dollar theatre when it gets there! I loooooove Jurassic Park... and that's all.

  2. haha, talk about random. but it's you, and I love it.