Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wedding dresses and late night chats=the best ever

Christmas vacation rocks. I get to sleep as much as I want to, eat whatever I find appealing...and, I get to see friends!
School is great and all, but there are just some people that I can't find in Provo. Mostly 'cause they are here, at home.
TODAY was exciting. Lydia took me wedding dress shopping with her! We found a wedding dress. Cause she is getting married! In a pretty dress. That we found!
I love watching the TLC show "Say yes to the dress" and this was like, real life! Terribly exciting. I have never been involved in a wedding before and so this is something new. AND: I got to hang out with Victoria Maez Green. We have been friends since elementary school, which is impressive considering how many times we switched schools. And well, she got married and had an adorable baby girl and we just got busy, but this year, we got to hang out a bit. I just got back from talking with her. It was amazin just being two busy girls, handling life as best we can and like girls, talking until our mouths were sore. It's funny how we piece together the bits and pieces of what we know about mutual acquaintances so in the end, we know everything about everyone. It's beautiful.
Yup indeedy.
It was a good evening indeed.

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