Sunday, December 27, 2009

Family Wards

I made a new friend today! He is about three or four (I have THE hardest time guessing how old toddlers are...) anyways, and his name is Lucas. I sat behind his family today during sacrament meeting and about halfway through the meeting he came over to the side of the bench where I was sitting and we bonded over a colorful book. :) His father noticed how much fun we were having and he leaned back to tell me that his name was Lucas. I asked if Lucas wanted to come back to my bench, and his dad hoisted him over, but Lucas didn't like that. So we played with a bench between us. I think his parents were sad to learn that I am a college student and that I wouldn't be sticking around.
Sometimes, I miss children in the ward. Single college students can only be so much fun. And the best part about ward children is that you can hand them back to the parents if things so sour.
All in all, it was a delightful meeting.

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  1. No kidding. I sat with a kid today who drew a picture and said very loudly, "I DREW A PICTURE OF YOU!" It was awesome because I looked like a Mr. Potato Head with a broken nose. So fun.