Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Water Fountain's Vendetta Against the Piano

Funny story at work.
Once upon a time, there was a ballet class room that had a piano to play music and a water fountain to refresh tired ballerinas. Well, somewhere along the way, the water fountain decided that it did not like the piano anymore. So, it waited until all the classes were done when it attacked. At first it was a subtle approach. It sprung a leak and soaked the piano platform. It's evil plan was discovered before too much damage was done and the piano was moved so the platform could dry. Not to be deterred, however, the water fountain hatched a new plan. When no one was looking, it sprung another leak. But this was more aggressive. It shot right up and into the piano. The next time someone looked, the piano was full of water.
Now the piano is in pieces, drying and the water fountain is getting therapy, aka getting its problem fixed.
Hopefully no more drama in the ballet room.
Hahaha. True story.

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