Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Golden Anniversary

Typically, anniversaries are to celebrate weddings. This post is NOT going to celebrate a wedding, but it is a big milestone in a way. This is the 50th post on this here blog. Aren't you excited to be a part of this?! You should be, cause I am. In reality, I couldn't think of what to write, and so I was fiddling around and noticed that I had 49 posts. Which meant my next post would be the 50th. Which meant that this is a big deal. So here I am celebrating this momentous milestone...in the basement of the SWKT, waiting to help a Hist 201 student. Not exactly how I pictured it, but you know, one makes the best of situations as they come. I think I when I go home, I will make pudding.
Good way to celebrate.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats. I hit 120... I think I write too much :) I'm sad that you're in the basement of the SWKT and I hope you're home by the time you read this. And I hope that you're enjoying your pudding. If I had pudding mix I would make some for myself to celebrate the occasion. But I'm out of food stuff since I'm packing up and didn't want to pack and move food too. Good luck with finals!