Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TRC at the MTC

I did it, I did it, I did it!
Ok, background so ya'll can understand me. I am in Norwegian 340, also known as Norwegian Literature and this is the class that all the RM's take so they can get credit for the classes that I have already taken. Anyways, there is a kid in my class who is the Norwegian teacher at the MTC. He mentioned they needed volunteers to help the missionaries teach the lessons to. I was nervous. I couldn't take anyone with me. (I can't find any norwegian speakers when I need them, go figure.) So I would have to go alone. Alone, all by myself, in a foreign environment, surrounded a foreign language. So I kept putting it off. I had all sorts of excuses. Mostly I was worried that I wouldn't understand anything. But I did it last night. I went, I sat and listened to a native speaker being taught by the elders. IT WAS AWESOME.
I totally knew what they were saying. I am just a little slower in responding. It was a good experience.
Missionaries are awesome, the poor things! They were trying so hard!
So the lesson to be learned?
Go out and do something that you have been putting off because it is good for you.
true story.

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  1. That's so awesome!!!! I don't know Norwegian, but as a lover of (other) languages, I can totally understand how freaking sweet that is :)